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Search Engine Optimisation



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Optimise your site

Search engines are the largest source of internet traffic, so it’s important your website is ranked highly within the search engines.
If a customer does not know your web address they will either search for you directly on a search engine or search for the service that you provide. If you do not rank well with the search engines then you can miss out on business which may go to your competitors who are better ranked.


Users conducting searches  are looking for specific content and are therefore likely to be motivated buyers, it’s an opportunity you want to go to your business.

So in building and maintaining your website, search engine optimisation needs to be a key consideration. You want people who do not know your business to locate you through a search for the services you offer.


At Mitchell Creative we can offer search engine optimisation services, which involves identifying where you currently stand in terms of ranking, identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes. We work with you to determine what search strings will be applicable to your business.


We take a holistic approach, rather than focusing simply on SEO and the actual site.  Clever marketing of your business to attract people to your site, will increase your rankings – the more traffic you get the higher you rank, and it becomes a snowball effect.


Talk to us about how we can help your site work for you better!