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Logos – How do we do it?

Logos – How do we do it?

Designing a logo for a business takes quite a lot of skill!  We are proud of the range of logos we have designed over the years – each catering to the companies individual needs and styles.

Here are some of the key things we take into account when designing logos:

  1. Your logo will be usable for all media – digital, print and embroidery for example.  Take well known logos such as Apple or Toyota – clean, crisp and easy to replicate in any format.
  2. We make sure the dimensions will work for where you need to use your logo – think real estates – they need a banner style logo which will fit on internet banners on realestate websites.
  3. Colours are emotive and using the right colours to convey the right image is important.
  4. Simple, unique design – we keep your logo simple and clean – too much fuss detracts from your image.
  5. Clever designs – we can tie in your name to an image or icon to create a clever look.
  6. Facebook profile logo – we can create a square version of your logo to use on your Facebook page – no more squished or stretched logos!
  7. Revisions……  all our clients can revise our designs and we can make amendments as needed to get the logo perfect!
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