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Junk Mail Filter




Stop all the junk and virus emails

If you have an email address that starts with info@, enquiries@, admin@ or accounts@ then you are likely to get spam.  These common names are picked up by spammers and often sent large amounts of junk.  Same goes if you have your email on your website and haven’t protected properly.  You can start the influx of junk mail.


We can install a junk mail filter at the server level, which will stop junk before it gets to your computer.  There are some major  benefits to handling junk this way. Firstly is that viruses don’t even get to your computer, so there’s no risk of anyone  clicking on an link and infecting your computer.  Secondly, it’s a great time saver – no more trawling through and deleting junk – it just never arrives.

A junk mail filter costs $15 per month per domain plus GST.

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